Room Trax – Isotopic Signature III [ROOM030]

Room Trax – Isotopic Signature III [ROOM030]

Room. Trax returns with a brand new Various Artists vinyl release, this time tapping two of the scene’s staples and a couple of uprising talents, plus a collab between Room’s very own Angioma and BLANKA.

Finely distorted kicks on “ANOTHER STAIN”, by P.E.A.R.L., kick off the VA. With a constant yet evolving synth line, playful percussions that come and go and filter effects, the Spanish artist brings the dynamism to this piece. Maestro Jonas Kopp debuts on the imprint, delivering the acidic “Reversing The Poles”. Jonas’s shifting atmospheres and depth make this one a perfect tension builder for dancefloors.

On “Spare Matrix”, Egotot and Franz Jäger (who are no strangers to each other) team up again to present a track with elements from both artists. A rumbling low end, siren-like sounds and a constant uprising energy make this one an essential driving weapon. The deeper cut on the Various Artists, “Inappropriate content”, is brought by Room founders Angioma and BLANKA, characterised by the pair’s very own rolling rhythms and hypnotism that put an end to this superb 4-track compilation.

released June 23, 2023
Room Trax 2023

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