Mod21 – Before and After Humans EP [Warm Up Recordings] [WU90d]

Mod21 – Before and After Humans EP [Warm Up Recordings] [WU90d]

Manuele Chiaravalloti is Mod21 an italian specialist in profound and elaborated techno we’ve been following for a long while.

For this album on Warm Up Recordings he delivers the best of his abilities in production, diving deep into the most intricate realms in the genre.

What do we do now is the beatless introduction to this sonic journey setting the pace for Anthropology of failure introducing the beat but still meditative and liquid.

Doomsday Clock goes straight into danceable business, using effected continuous synth lines over a clean groove that grows in intensity as the beats go by. Several layers of pads add space to the sound in this dreamy techno number.

On Cold silence the beat goes busier and percussive elements are the main element making this one the perfect dj tool.

Black heart is electric and stripped down, using a few crispy synthetic elements to keep the tension although there is no kick in the equation.

Escalation of violence introduces a bit of distortion and roughness on the rhythm but preserving the mental approach on sequences and textures.


Beyond the edge of an habitable world slows down the pace and uses hypnosis via repetition to reach the appropriate state of mind in the first hours of the club.

It gets into your brain follows, giving exactly what the title suggests, with an erratic synth line flowing over a relentless groove. This one will cause some brain damage when listened to on the proper sound systems.

Come on honey, it’s real money funny title for a serious brain melting exercise that reminds us of the sound of early minimal heroes like Basic Channel. Man is a tool goes in the same direction, focusing on the dub side.

You were the good one Qerndu changes directions drastically, diving into scifi alien areas, obsessive and tooly.

The virtual denies tactility, removes the beat and reduces the sound elements to the minimum getting closer to the end of this sonic journey.

Last track, Loyalty does not end with death acts as an electronic lullaby where harmonies and lush pads are the starring.

Releases December 15, 2023

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