Techno-Trip 015: CSV

Techno-Trip 015: CSV

Rising record producer and audio-visual artist Chris Speed (CSV) has unleashed torrents of genre-bending releases via various outlets including the revered Sheffield label Off Me Nut and emerging imprints Cherche Encore, SYNES, Insert and The Games We Play.

Born and raised in London, CSV began solely as a digital artist but his musical output gradually developed over the years. His dark underground sound comes from teens spent immersed in the sounds of dingy East London club nights.

Drawing on a myriad of influences including grime, jungle, dubstep and other extensions of the hardcore continuum, CSV also utilises a combination of hardware synthesisers and algorithmic composition in his music, making for boundary-pushing results.

His graphical aesthetic uses similar computational approaches to the music, consistent across artworks, music videos, live visuals and virtual environments. Equally at home creating immersive installations for gallery spaces as mixing rhythms on the dancefloor, CSV has worked with a variety of organisations from FOLD, Corsica Studios and Arebyte Gallery as well being a member of multiple artist collectives.

Chris also teaches part-time at the Point Blank Music School and the University of Greenwich.


Thanks for being apart of the Trip Presents series the mix has a unique style could you describe who has been your biggest influences in terms of your sound and style?

Currently artists / labels such as Burial, Hessle Audio, Chain Reaction, Skee Mask and all of Ilian Tape in general

If you had to describe your DJ’ing style in just three words what would they be?

I come from a grime and dubstep DJ background so approach blending techno the same way. Lots of chops, reverb, flanger, pitch effects and just generally fast paced mixing. Mumdance is a big inspiration in this regard.

Being an Audio Visual Artist and DJ how do you intersect the two?

There’s many commonalities between audio and visual production so I tend to develop both in tandem for a more unified experience.

What have been some of the highlights or funniest memories from the parties you have thrown or played at so far on your journey?

Recently I was VJing at a friends club night here in London on my birthday / St. Patrick’s Day, so of course the aftermath was incredibly chaotic.

You are throwing your dream event or party. What is the line-up, where in the world is it and who is attending?

Tresor or Berghain, because it would give me an excuse to finally visit, with Jeff Mills b2b Claude Young headlining.

Can you tell us three producers or DJs you have your eye on for the coming year?

Stin9, Mod Sens and Kim Cosmik as well as her event series (Hybrid)

Have you any sound advice for new DJs and promoters just starting out?

Put yourself out in the world as much as possible and don’t wait for anyone, build your own community!

Finally, what is on the horizon for CSV in 2023?

Consistently releasing music again, finishing collabs and playing out live more often!

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