Techno-Trip 014: Kevqube

Techno-Trip 014: Kevqube


Firstly, thank you for taking the time to share a mix for our Trip Presents Series, we love it. Who have been your biggest influences in terms of your sound and style behind the decks?

Currently a broad range of artists such as bas Mooy, Future.666, matrixxman, chlär, marron but also well known acts like richie hawtin, ben klock, developer, kai tracid etc. etc.

If you had to describe your DJ’ing style in just three words what would they be?

Hypnotic, rhytmic, surprising

What have been some of the highlights or funniest memories from the parties you have thrown or played at so far on your journey?

The most funniest and awkward moments are when people dont really know what kind of music you prefer to play but then you also try to improvise which until now went very well.

You are throwing your dream event or party. What is the line-up, where in the world is it and who is attending?

In an aircraft hangar 48h in a row.
Richie Hawtin, Chris Liebing, Marron, Ben Klock, Phara, Marcal, Alberto Tolo, Altinbas and prolly a bunch of local acts too

Can you tell us three producers or DJs you have your eye on for the coming year?

Phara, Marcal, Alberto Tolo

Have you any sound advice for new DJs and promoters just starting out?

Don’t fall for the ones that play every big festival. And for promoters and party organizers… please ban phones on the dancefloor…

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