Techno-Trip 005: Becket

Techno-Trip 005: Becket

North Wales based DJ and producer Becket began honing his craft from a young age at free parties and raves in the area were he quickly started to gain a reputation.

Firstly welcome, and thanks for taking the time to make a mix for Trip. Could you let us know where and when your passion for Techno Music began?

As far as my journey into music, way back when I was only a yoot I used to chill in this gritty house where older lads used to just bash tunes out all day, Kane being one of them (he’s not around anymore unfortunately, big love dude) big influence, he introduced me to underground music as a whole.

My first music love was definitely uk Hip-Hop, and to this day I rinse it daily. From then I was introduced to electronic music such as DnB and techno. A friend’s dad used to be a bit of a legend in the area, Richard Block (aka Rich Pitbull) and when we were old enough to get away to go to parties and raves we’d all go and see rich, his style was very raw and industrial and strictly vinyl. And from there I got some Technics of my own.

From there I got to grips with them and started making a name for myself around the local circuit of clubs and bars, then onto the free party scene and now I’ve played various club nights and regularly play a handful of festivals such as gottwood and audiofarm. I also spend a lot of time tinkering in the studio making various tools and tracks. Something I want to concentrate on more now is the production and possibly work towards doing live sets.



If you had to describe your DJ’ing style in just three words what would they be?



Industrial, jacking, bleepy.



Who have been your biggest influences in terms of your sound and style behind the decks?

Blawan, Ben Sims, Steve Bicknell, Surgeon and Luke slater to name just a few have all been big influences. but i would say my style and what I play varies a lot. My style has definitely changed a lot over the years and currently anything hard hitting industrial and bleepy hits the spot!



What have been some of the highlights or funniest memories from the parties you have thrown or played at so far on your journey?

Gosh, my memory is thin at the best of times haha. Erm, highlights have to include one of the early events I put on with Gareth Wild and Theo Nasa! That was a belter of a party, also since then warming up for Ben Sims a couple of years ago now in Hendre was such a pleasure.

I’ve played Closing in Gottwood every year for the last 5 years and it’s always an absolute storm, the crowd are always hungry for some proper techno by Sunday.
I was also honoured to be playing after Helena Houff in AudioFarm last year.

As far as the funny story there not all so ‘PG’ another time maybe!



You are throwing your dream event or party. What is the line-up, where in the world is it and who is attending?

Blawan, Ben Sims, Steve Bicknell, Luke Slater, Funk Assault, my self of course haha and defo few of the local lads round North Wales, there’s some serious talent lurking. And ye, it would defo have to be in North Wales!



Can you tell us three producers or DJs you have your eye on for the coming year?



Jacklyn, Cravo, Yant.



Have you any sound advice for new DJs and promoters just starting out?

Put the hours in! Too many people expect instant gratification.



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